“Pictures to me are those sometimes forgotten moments that can bring the brightest smile to anyone’s face.
Pictures are God’s way of allowing us to stop a single second in time to enjoy what He’s blessed us with.”

~Velena Sims~

"Photos are vital because they are a freeze frame of a moment
in time so no matter how old you get you will always have that moment. VVS Photos is the best at capturing these moments".
~Will and Amber Mitchell~

"Velena has captured many precious moments of myself and my daughter!!
She is a very humble, and sweet person!! She always gets the job done!! She does everything in a timely manner!!
She is my go to person for pictures!!!"
~Keisha Pardue~

"I have had the best experience with Velena when it comes to her taking pictures.
Velena has made every shoot comfortable and amazing. Her energy is always filled with so much laughter and kindness.
She makes you know that she cares; not only about the picture but the people she’s capturing as well.
Every experience I’ve had with her has brought me to tears.
I wouldn’t have made it any other way than for her to be the one that has captured every moment in my family’s life.
She is remarkably unique and I adore her work to the fullest".
~Jada Carr~